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WaitForWspJob.exe is a tool that will wait for the Admin Service to finish the deployment or retraction of a SharePoint solution (wsp).

Posting about the tool: http://blog.michelbarneveld.nl/michel/archive/2010/04/05/waitforwspjob-tool.aspx
Download sources at http://blog.michelbarneveld.nl/media/p/5624.aspx


The tool accepts the solution file name or the solution id (guid) and you can give it a timeout value. By default it waits 5 minutes for the solutiion job to finish before it returns control.

           WaitForWspJob.exe <wsp> [<timeout>]

           wsp          The name or guid of the SharePoint solution
           timeout      The maximum wait time in minutes. Default: 5

WaitForWspJob.exe ExampleSharePointSolution.wsp
WaitForWspJob.exe ExampleSharePointSolution.wsp 10
WaitForWspJob.exe 3ce2bc5d-69b2-47bd-bd89-80d138f4faba



John wrote re: WaitForWspJob
on 11-29-2010 7:07 PM

Why is it I always find out someone else has already done the hard work of writing the app I just have just written myself!lol

Nice work,

John :)

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